About: Dianne Morgan and Jade River Ukes

Dianne’s motto is “let your musical dreams take flight”. She helps each student develop their musical skills, assisting them to reach their full potential, whether they be in small groups, larger classes or individual settings, whilst discovering the joy of music for their own personal enjoyment.

Dianne in teacher mode at Mahurangi Ukulele Festival 2nd April 2022 at Warkworth Town Hall (Tony on drums background)

Sharing the love of music with others, whilst empowering individuals to gain their own musical skills are Dianne’s goals. Seeing students progress and grow in confidence whilst discovering more about themselves is inspiring and fulfilling.

Dianne is an experienced music teacher catering for all ages and levels for the past 30+ years. She has also taught in local primary schools around Warkworth, NZ.

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